How To Choose a Hospital Plan

Choosing a hospital plan is often an ideal option for healthier people who do not require day-to-day medical cover. This is for things such as medicine and GP visits and those who do not need chronic medical cover. But how to choose a hospital plan!

Hospital plans are also more affordable medical care solutions for many people. Have you considered how to choose a hospital plan?

Choose a Hospital Plan – Cover

Hospital plans via medial aid South Africa essentially cover hospitalization costs for emergency procedures. They also cover the treatment of serious illnesses.

Cover usually include pre-authorized medical procedures and treatments. The plans are a chosen alternative to comprehensive cover or medical insurance.

Choose a Hospital Plan – Deciding on a hospital plan

Choosing a hospital plan means taking a number of elements into consideration. These include your age, lifestyle, current health situation and your family’s needs. Also take into account your budget and medical requirements.

If you are young, healthy and don’t require chronic care then having a hospital plan will help you with

How to Choose a Hospital Plan

the possibility of immense medical bills in the case of hospitalization. These days some form of medical cover is a necessity and there are a number of medical schemes to choose from such as Discovery medical aid.

Hospital plans usually offer a good amount of in-hospital cover at affordable monthly rates and usually the type of cover is unlimited provided that members have received pre-authorization from their scheme.


Choose a Hospital Plan – What is and is not included

Something else to consider when looking at how to choose a hospital plan is what is and is not included and what amount of cover is provided. A number of schemes place certain rules on their plans such as which hospitals and healthcare providers members may use.

Schemes often have a network of providers and hospitals for members. When you use these, the scheme covers 100% of the costs. Should members choose to use a hospital or provider outside of the scheme’s network then they will be accountable for additional costs.

In some instances a scheme such as Discovery Health may only cover a percentage of costs incurred outside of their network.

Choose a Hospital Plan – In-hospitalization costs

There are a variety of in-hospitalization costs in hospital plans such as your stay, theatre procedures, materials and medication. Other items covered comprise blood transfusions, ambulance services, gastro-intestinal endoscopies and MRI and CT Scans. Take all of these expenses into account when choosing a hospital plan.

There are a number of websites that aim to help South Africans find the best possible healthcare options for their needs. By taking your lifestyle and particulars into consideration as well as your budget, such sites produce a comparison of schemes and plans from which you can request quotations.

Hospital plans afford members the flexibility to manage their own day-to-day medical expenses like doctor’s visits and medicine that may be required outside of hospital. When looking into how to choose a hospital plan, take your budget and medical needs into careful consideration.


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