How To Change Medical Plans

Health insurance premiums are on the rise. And with so many medical aids to choose from, you may want to look into changing your plan. Certainly you should ensure that you receive the right level of medical cover at the right price. And change medical plans if necessary.

There are a number of websites that offer health care comparisons and quotations. Knowing what sort of healthcare you require will help greatly when looking into how to change medical plans.

Budgets and financial commitments

Particularly towards the end of a year, people tend to assess their budgets and financial commitments and it is then that medical aid schemes offer the window period to upgrade or change plans.

You may want to look at a more affordable option. Or you may want to change to a plan with more comprehensive health insurance benefits.

You may also be looking to start a family and require a plan with good maternity insurance.

Reasons for changing medical plans

The reasons for changing medical plans are numerous but changing is fairly simple. Perhaps you are thinking of remaining with your medical aid provider and just changing plans. Then all you need do is provide sufficient notice for the change request. Some medical aids may charge a pro rata administration fee along with your first new premium payment.

Changing medical plans means you can remain with your scheme and continue to enjoy the benefits that you are accustomed to while making sure you are covered as per your healthcare requirements.

Changing medical plans

Perhaps you became a member of your medical aid when you were younger and healthier and didn’t require much day-to-day care or cover for chronic illnesses. You would have started off on a basic hospital plan. But lifestyles and needs changed.

Change Medical PlansYou and your partner may decide that it is time to start a family and for that you will require healthcare cover for maternity benefits such as gynecology consultations, scans and hospitalization for giving birth.

Or maybe as you have aged so your medical care needs have increased. You may require comprehensive cover not only for hospitalization but for chronic illness cover. These include heart attacks, chronic medication and day-to-day medical care such as medication, GP consultations, eye care and dentistry. Knowing how to change medical plans is important so that you can make sure that you are getting the best possible cover for your healthcare needs.

Change medical plans if you must

If you are not happy with your current cover you have the right to change plans as long as you inform your scheme and they are willing to allow you to change plans. Some schemes may impose certain restrictions or waiting periods depending on your history with them as well as your health circumstances.

A number of people choose to downgrade their plans in times of financial fickleness. This is a better idea than cancelling medical cover altogether. Talk to your service provider to find the best possible plan for your pocket.

If you feel that you can get a better medical plan from another scheme, be sure to contact your current scheme first. Medical aids are extremely competitive and your current scheme may be able to provide a desirable match for you.


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