Does you medical aid need a check-up?

South African medical aid members now have the opportunity to make sure their medical aid is sufficient. Leading insurer Zestlife now offers a service called HealthMax. There is no charge for checking that your medical aid is sufficient for the members’ needs.

What Zestlife HealthMax does for you

  • If you do not have medical aid yet, Zestlife HealthMax offers a no-obligation comparative quote comparing various plans from different medical schemes.
  • HealthMax can also investigate your current medical aid plan to ensure that it offers sufficient cover for you and your family. Or you may have too much cover for your current requirements. HealthMax will advise.
  • Do you have medical aid gap cover? If your medical plan warrants it, HealthMax will recommend gap insurance. A gap policy covers co-payments, which can be hefty.


Why Zestlife offers the service

It came to Zestlife’s notice that too many South Africans do not understand their medical scheme plans.

Also they often find themselves having to make large co-payments, especially towards the end of the year or when they land in hospital.

Unbelievable though it may seem, some medical aid members have too much cover. Or they have the wrong kind of cover. Or they have not upgraded their medical plan when there is a change to their health or financial status.

Are you wasting money? Do you have the right cover? Do you need to upgrade or downgrade your medical aid option? These are questions that South Africans do not know how to answer.

That’s not always their fault either. Medical aid documentation is famously complicated. Only experts can understand what is meant by the small print.

Add to this the complications caused by the coronavirus hysteria, which has resulted in a changed hospitalisation and specialist profile, and changes to medical aid rules and regulations, and it all becomes too much for the average member to handle.

The good news is that medical scheme members no longer have to deal with these issues. Let HealthMax give your medical scheme a full health check-up.

To contact Zestlife HealthMax, please use the form on this page. We will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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