OnePlan Health Insurance

You might be looking for health cover in South Africa. We suggest you take a look at OnePlan health insurance when considering your options.


OnePlan Health Insurance

Why choose OnePlan health insurance?

Firstly, OnePlan is a type of short-term insurance. It has nothing at all to do with medical aid. At present, you have three choices regarding health cover:

  1. Medical scheme membership (medical aid)
  2. Health insurance
  3. State hospitals, doctors, specialists and dentist

The third option actually represents nothing at all. You cast your lot with the government-run (or mismanaged) hospitals and hope for the best.

With the economic downturn, most South Africans find they cannot afford medical aid, or even a hospital plan from a medical scheme.

So they are turning to short-term insurance products such as OnePlan health insurance. It offers good cover at an affordable price.

How does that differ from medical aid?

There are major differences between the two. Medical aid members use specialists in the network. But health insurance pays out a fixed amount regardless of what specialist, hospital, doctor or dentist you use. Health insurers are not involved in your medical life. They just pay out a fixed amount per visit or per day.

You’ll often find that members of a medical aid have to use healthcare specialists in the network. The amount paid out will depend on what medical treatment you need.

Here is a table outlining the differences:

Governed by short- or long-term insurance Act. Governed by Medical Schemes Act.
Only emergencies accepted at private hospitals Accepted by private hospitals.
Don’t have to provide cover for PMBs. Full cover for PMBs or Prescribed Minimum Benefits.
Dread disease only covered on one Plan. Limited to events per year. Comprehensive cover for dread disease.
Pays you before you see a doctor. Pay doctor first and wait weeks to get money back.

Regarding the PMBs mentioned above, medical aid providers have to provide these Prescribed Minimum Benefits for chronic disorders such as diabetes and asthma.

Health insurance providers aren’t subject to the same legislation. They don’t have to take these requirements into account.

OnePlan says it offers better cover than other health insurance providers becuase they provide out- of-hospital benefits too. According to OnePlan: “We make insurance simple and accessible without compromising on value.”

They say openly that their insurance is for people who can’t afford medical aid. “OnePlan Health Insurance offers an affordable alternative to costly medical aid plans that most South Africans can’t afford,” says the company.

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All info was correct at time of publishing