Battle to control R1.2 bn in Samwumed’s coffers to play out in court

Duduza Khosana is just another failure. As curator for the South African Municipal Workers’ Union Medical Aid Scheme (Samwumed), she has misused the scheme’s money. She pillaged the fund to pay for her jet-set lifestyle and to pay herself an enormous salary. She dragged SAMWUMED down the drain.

Samwumed is a self-administered medical aid scheme that adheres to everything laid out by the  Medical Schemes Act. The reserve levels remain above 70%.

In fact, according to expelled deputy chairman, Andre Maxwell, the unnecessary changes she brought about have rendered the scheme unsustainable.

Serious Allegations on Khosana’s Behaviour at Samwumed

The Council for Medical Schemes has now approached the High Court in Cape Town so as to have her Samwumedremoved from her position as curator. The Council for Medical Schemes has received serious allegations about her conduct as Samwumed’s curator.

It was in May of this year, 2018, that the Council placed Samwumed under temporary curatorship. In May, the High Court ordered that Khosana be the curator for Samwumed. In spite of her appointment, the CMS has continued to watch over the interests of members. But now  Khosana’s under-performance is under scrutiny.

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The Council for Medical Schemes has had to intervene in the curatorship of Samwumed. At great expense it has used the services of the High Court in Cape Town to have her removed.

The battle to control the medical aid fund with more than R1.2billion in its coffers is to take place in the high court of the Western Cape this week. The court will hear an urgent application from two parties who are wanting to see Duduza Khosana removed.

Her job description was to manage money, investments as well as other scheme assets. Her task was to arrange an annual general meeting to appoint new trustees. Scarcely 2 months into her appointment, the registrar, who had recommended her, asked the Council to remove her.

She has accused members of the executive team of working against her, suspending them, and instead of taking steps to restore Samwumed.  She mired the scheme into all kinds of controversies, spending money for a lavish lifestyle while not performing the duties for which she was appointed. It is believed that she has raked in as much as R5.5 million a year in salary and perks for herself.

The Irregularities Lie with Khosana Herself

Khosana has of course hit back at her detractors. One can only smile at her antics and the cheek of her suspending senior employees when all the problems and corruption are with her.

Samwumed members have also been concerned about the provisional curator’s suspension of the senior employees as well as the cancellation of key contracts. Khosana said that she had found irregularities that she couldn’t reveal to the media. Meantime she is the one committing irregularities.

Because of her antics, money is being spent to sort out all the trouble she has caused and now the High Court will decide what is to happen to her.

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All info was correct at time of publishing