Learn how to speak medical “speak”.

What is a Medical Aid PMB List? Sometimes trying to decipher Medical Aid “speak” gets confusing. One of the most common terms you come across is PMB’s. What’s that?

What is a Medical aid PMB List?

All medical aid plans have to, by law, provide a minimum set of benefits to members of a medical scheme. No matter what benefit option they are on. This ensures that people have a basic level of health care to rely on. No matter whether their benefits have expired or not. Not all conditions fall under this clause.

However, there is a list of over three hundred medical and chronic conditions (such as diabetes) which still cover you. In addition, your scheme must cover the treatment of an emergency.

What is a Medical aid PMB List and How does it Work?

How do they decide if the problem is a Prescribed Medical Benefit issue? A doctors diagnosis of the patient decides on the matter. In other words, a doctor only considers the actual symptoms the patient experiences and excludes other factors like how the injury occurred

Treatment begins immediately. Depending on the condition, treatment takes place in a hospital, or as an outpatient. In cases of an emergency, the patient is stabilized. From there the issue of care and cover moves forward.



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