How to Become an Organ Donor

Many people  in South Africa  cannot live a meaningful life because they are dreadfully ill. Their hope and joy of life hangs in the balance. Organ transplants bring hope to such people. In fact, organ donors save lives because of their wonderful gestures. The Organ Donor Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim it is to address the terrible shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa. They do this through awareness- and education campaigns and programmes.

Become an Organ Donor – Who can be a Donor?

Anyone in South African can be a donor if they are under the age of 70 and they are in good health. But if you do have a medical condition, it doesn’t  necessarily prevent you from becoming an organ donor. And the decision about what which organ will be transplanted will be established at your time of death. Organs and tissue are removed as soon as possible after brain death. This is to ensure a successful transplantation. People under the age of 18 can also be a donor but they will need permission from their parents.

Become an Organ Donor – Healthy Organs are a Priceless Gift

Become an Organ DonorOrgan donation in South Africa is regarded as a ‘gift of life’ and the buying and selling of body organs is an illegal trade. There are quite a number of people who stipulate that after death, they will make their organs available to someone in need. Organ transplants can be undertaken in public and private hospitals.  With a transplant, when it isn’t between family members, confidentiality is always maintained and the  patient won’t know who the donor was.

Become an Organ Donor – The Long Waiting List often Results in Death

The waiting lists are long for people waiting for a kidney, liver, heart, skin, bone marrow, lungs and even corneas. Unfortunately it is a sad state of affairs that many patients die while waiting. People die quicker than the organs become available. It is mind boggling when you realise that just one donor can save the lives of several people. Do you want to become an organ donor and give someone a second chance at life?  You’ll have lots of questions you want answered, so you can phone the Organ Donor Info Line on 0800 22 66 11for advice and assistance. You can also register online at

Become an Organ Donor – Organ Donation isn’t a ‘Death Thing’

Many people believe that one can only become an organ donor when you die, but in fact there are people who can offer the gift of a kidney for instance while they are still alive. This often happen between relatives simply because the blood groups and tissue types are more likely to be compatible.

Become an Organ Donor – There are No costs Involved for Donating an Organ

Become Organ DonorThere are no pay-outs for people who are looking to become an organ donor. The hospital or the state will cover all expenses of hospitalisation, medication and for the removal of organs.

Are you desperate for an organ transplant and wonder which medical aid will help you? Discovery Health has been a beacon of light to many who require an organ. They make it possible for many people to afford these life-saving operations as well as all the medicines they need to take for the rest of their life.

This is so long as surgery is performed by a Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF)-registered health care provider. South Africa’s biggest medical scheme plays a critical role in making it possible for many desperately ill people to have another snatch at life and new beginnings.


All info was correct at time of publishing