Cape Medical Aid Options Include Effective Medical Cover

With the stated mission to make Cape medical aid options as easy as possible to follow, Cape Medical Plan (CMP) offers effective medical cover, from affordable hospital plans to a plan that provides comprehensive cover.

For this reason, there are just three Cape medical aid options:

  1. HealthPact Premium
  2. HealthPact Silver
  3. HealthPact Select


How Cape Medical Aid Options Differ

To avoid confusion, the three Cape medical aid options offered by Cape Medical Plan are totally different to one another.

HealthPact Premium is the cheapest of the Cape medical aid options available and it offers hospital cover only. Day-to-day benefits are not included and there are no savings factored into the scheme.

HealthPact Silver combines a medical savings account with hospital cover. There are also limited day-to-day benefits included in the plan.

HealthPact Select is Cape Medical Plan’s elite option and it combines hospital cover with both medical savings and specified day-to-day benefits.

The HealthPact Premium Plan

Happy Cape Medical Aid FamilyThis is the most straightforward and most affordable of the three Cape medical aid options. It is ideal for healthy, active people who generally have no need for day-to-day healthcare and medicines.

Essentially this option provides unlimited hospital cover at any hospital you choose. However it is not just your hospital bed that will be paid for. Specialist in-hospital procedures are covered at 200 percent of the CMP tariff. There is also some cover available for specified procedures done out-of-hospital. In addition there are maternity benefits, and unlimited pathology cover if your general practitioner refers you to Pathcare and Lancet Laboratories.

Emergency ambulance costs are also covered.

Cape Medical Aid OptionsOf course if there are costs that are incurred on a day-to-day basis, members pay for these themselves, unlike the other two Cape medical aid options.

The HealthPact Silver Plan

Ideal for young families and individuals who are healthy, or at least relatively healthy, the Silver Plan is priced between the other two Cape medical aid options offered by CMP. It is aimed at those who do not have major health issues, but who want the peace of mind that they will be covered if there is any kind of medical emergency.

Comprehensive yet affordable hospital cover, as well as limited day-to-day cover, is included in this plan. You get to choose the hospital you or your family members go to, just as you do with the other Cape medical aid options.
In addition to the unlimited pathology and emergency ambulance cover offered in the Premium Plan, the Silver
Plan includes:

  • Two visits per beneficiary to a general practitioner
  • Cover for general dental practitioner visits
  • Acute medicine benefits for medication that is prescribed
  • A medical savings account that can be used for additional day-to-day medical expenses

Specialist procedures are also covered, at 100 percent of the CMP tariff.

The HealthPact Select Plan

This is the best of the three medical aid plans in the Cape medical aid options. As such, it offers complete peace of mind that you and your family will have the best possible heath care and access to excellent medical facilities when needed.

Hospital cover is unlimited and specialist procedures are covered at 200 percent, as they are with the Premium Plan. There are generous out-of-hospital and maternity benefits, and more than enough cover for all the chronic conditions on the Chronic Disease List.  Diabetics have access to the invaluable Chronic Diabetes Endocrinology (CDE) Programme.

As with the other two Cape medical aid options, there is unlimited pathology cover at Pathcare and Lancet Laboratories, provided you are referred by your GP.

There is also an interest-bearing medical savings facility that you can use if you need to cover additional out-of-hospital medical costs.