Discovery Medical Aid Options Suit Every Budget

There are truly Discovery medical aid options that will satisfy every possible need. Discovery medical aid is the largest open medical scheme in South Africa. The scheme offers a wide range of plans that suit almost any medical need and personal budget.

Discovery Medical Aid Options

There is an astonishing range of Discovery medical aid options. Visit their website at for full details. However, but here are a few highlights of the various Discovery medical aid plans:

  • Discovery Medical AidThe Executive plan offers the most  comprehensive Discovery medical aid options available today. Even large schemes such as Bestmed and Momentum Health do not offer such comprehensive plans. The plan guarantees full cover in any private hospital in the country. In addition, the scheme will pay up to 300% of the agreed Discovery medical aid rates for the services of specialists. The plan also include a comprehensive savings plan to pay for day-to-day medical expenses. Members even have cover when they travel abroad!
  • The Comprehensive Series provide members with Discovery medical aid options that include full hospital cover. This includes payment of up to 200% of the agreed rate for specialist services. There is full cover for chronic medication and members use their savings plans to pay for everyday medical expenses.
  • The Priority Series offer affordable in-hospital and out-of-hospital Discovery medical aid options. There is full cover for medication for all conditions on the Chronic Disease List and members even have cover for emergency transport to suitable medical facilities.

More Options

  • The Saver Series offers a guaranteed 100% payback for in-hospital costs. This payment is according to the agreed rates, however. Discovery medical aid options in these plans include chronic medication for all conditions on the official Chronic Disease List. Routine medical cost is covered by a comprehensive and flexible savings plan.
  • The Core Series offers Discovery medical aid options specially designed for those that are still young and healthy and for those people that cannot afford comprehensive medical aid cover. This series covers only in-hospital teatment and medication for chronic conditions.
  • The KeyCare Series offer extremely cost effective hospital plan insurance. Members of the Discovery medical aid scheme must make use of facilities and caregivers that form part of the KeyCare network. Get medical insurance quotes today!


Discovery Health Medical Aid

Discovery was established only twenty years ago they meant to provide a small, specialist service that aim to provide the best possible health care. Today, Discovery medical aid options are the most comprehensive of any scheme. Discovery is a giant in the financial markets. They boast more than six millon clients and they continue to grow rapidly. More than two and a half million of these clients enjoy quality health care in terms of any of the many Discovery medical aid options on offer.

Discovery Medical Aid OptionsThe scheme is the only one in South Africa to enjoy a AA+ rating from Global Credit Rating, a highly respected international agency that assesses the the ability of companies to honor their financial responsibilities.

In time, Discovery has also expanded into other countries and now offer their services in China, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Discovery Vitality

After the launch of the Discovery Vitality program in 1997, membership has quickly grown to more than 1.6 million in South Africa alone. This science-based wellness program aims to encourage members to live healthier, thereby cutting the cost of long-term health care.

The program pays more than lip service to a healthier lifestyle. Members are rewarded in many different ways. For example, some participating partners offer members up to 25% cash back when they purchase healthy products at the stores of those partners. These are just some of the Discovery medical aid options offered to members and prospective members.



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