Medshield Medical Scheme Top 5 Performer

February 4, 2015

Through its high level of customer service and customer satisfaction, the Medshield medical scheme now ranks in the top five medical schemes in South Africa. With over 191,000 members and beneficiaries only Discovery Health, Bonitas medical scheme, and Momentum are larger than the Medshield medical scheme.

Medshield medical scheme started in 1968.  The scheme has gone from strength to strength and in 2010 merged with Oxygen medical aid. For the past seven years Medshield medical aid scheme has maintained its AA-Global Credit rating.

Medical schemes in South Africa

The Medshield medical scheme is just one of the eighty-six open medical aid schemes now available in South Africa for you to select from. Sixty-three of these schemes are restricted schemes. This means that they are open to certain people only, or by employees who work for a specific company.

Medshield Medical Scheme for the FamilyFor instance GEMS medical aid is only available to government employees. There are twenty-three open schemes. Anyone can become a member of an open medical plan scheme. Medshield South Africa is an open scheme as are Discovery medical aid and the Liberty medical scheme.

All medical aids including the Medshield medical scheme are closely regulated to ensure that their members are protected. It is the Council for Medical Schemes which carries out this function. Their aim is to ensure that the medical funds such as the Medshield medical scheme do not get themselves into financial difficulty. They are also there to ensure that each scheme follows the rules and laws, and look after the best interests of their members and beneficiaries. Should you ever have a problem with your medical scheme provider and are unable to resolve the problem satisfactorily, then it is the Council for Medical Aid Schemes who you should contact for help.

Medshield medical scheme options

The Medshield medical scheme has seven Medshield options for you to select from. PremiumPlus is the package with the most benefits. Before you select a package you should consider exactly what benefits you currently need. If you are elderly or are currently on chronic medication, then you will need more than a basic plan. You need to ensure that the plan that you select will cover your most likely needs.

Medshield Medical SchemeIt is well worth looking at the packages offered by other medical aid providers and not just the seven Medshield medical aid plans. By comparing at least three quotations you will be able to select a package that meets both your budget and requirements.

Listed below are the seven packages currently offered by the Medshield medical scheme.

•    PremiumPlus

•    MediCore

•    MediSaver

•    MediBonus

•    MediValue

•    MediPlus

•    MediPhila

For more information on these packages you can visit the Medshield medical scheme website, or contact them on 086 000 2120.

Is Medshield a good family medical aid?

The Medshield medical scheme promotes itself as being a medical scheme for all the family. Children can be beneficiaries on all the benefit packages. The cost for adding a child to your package starts from as little as R222.00 per child.



All info was correct at time of publishing