Customised Medical Aid Quote from Curemed

Curemed is not a medical aid. They are a medical aid brokerage who are licensed to service clients in the medical aid industry. This they have done throughout South Africa, since 1992. They have the ability to provide consulting services, addressing their client’s needs. The company’s foundation is respect, integrity and honesty. With the mission of helping people choose the right medical aid that suits their specific needs. They give assistance to thousands of individuals with their knowledge and expertise in the field of healthcare consulting. They will also help get you a customised medical aid quote, to suit your needs.

A Customised medical aid quote will help you make an informed choice

customised medical aid quoteIf you are looking for a customised medical aid quote from Curemed, healthcare advisers will assist you in breaking down the various packages they have available from various medical aids. They will paint a clear picture to you precisely of what each package and product consists of.

Individuals are not always 100% sure of what they are precisely looking for in a medical aid, or what they will be finally committing to. Nor do they always fully understand what the cost implications will be. But at Curemed, their team of advisers will help you to get the best cover all within your budget.

They will help with your particular needs

In South Africa, there are well over 85 different types of medical aids that you could belong to. It is the job of Curemed to work in close collaboration with the top reputable schemes that meet their criteria. So if you go to Curemed to ask them to assist you in selecting the right medical aid for your needs, they will assign a certain and specific health adviser to you. They will conduct a special needs analysis survey with you to ascertain some important factors that will count towards choosing the right medical aid for you. These are:

  • Your health status at that current moment as well as your health needs
  • Financial position and what your budget will allow
  • Your domestic situation, for instance, whether you are single or you have dependents to take care of
  • What medication you are taking at the present moment
  • How close you are to certain hospital facilities and medical assistance


Consider Gap Cover

Not only are they able to assist with a quote on a medical aid for you; they will also discuss with you other important factors such as gap cover as well. In the current healthcare sector prevailing in South Africa at present, the healthcare industry allows doctors, specialists and hospital to charge fees that are above medical scheme tariffs. This makes medical aid members at risk because they are the ones who are going to have to pay the gap cover between what their medical aid will pay and what their doctor has charged them.

All info was correct at time of publishing