Homemade Hummus

Homemade hummus is healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious.

This favourite snack requires the bare minimum of ingredients, my favourite type of recipes because it shows how basic and natural and good for you the foods are cos they don’t have any added stuff into that isn’t good. It’s just natural, wholesome ingredients.

How to make homemade hummus


The first ingredient you will need is a can of chickpeas. I like to use organic chickpeas just so I know there are no added nasties in there. Then you need a lemon as you will be using half a lemon. Also you need dried herbs and spices. I use lemon-pepper seasoning, cayenne pepper and ordinary ground salt and ground pepper.

Homemade HummusSo the ingredients for homemade hummus are:

A can of chickpeas
One lemon
Extra virgin olive oil
Dried herbs and spices
Minced garlic (optional)
Salt and pepper

Method for making homemade hummus

Take the can of drained chickpeas and pour those into a mixer or blender. You can also use a hand mixer, stick blender or any food processor – whatever you have that can pulse all the ingredients together is perfect. Now squeeze half a lemon and add the juice to the chickpeas, pouring it all in.

Tip: if you really want to enhance the flavours of your homemade hummus you can the blender jar containing the chickpeas  and leave it in the fridge and leave it to soak overnight or couple of hours. I’ve done the past and it tastes so good. It really infuses the flavours and brings out the lemony taste.

Now take some extra virgin olive oil, add just a dash of that to the mixture in the blender jar. This is going to help combine it all. You need really just a small amount. A couple of teaspoons will do. Now it’s time to season the hummus.

Take the salt and pepper, cayenne pepper or whatever sort of spices and herbs you want and spice it to taste. This is where I add lemon-pepper, which really accentuates the lemon flavours already in the mixture.

If you are using garlic you can add minced garlic now. I like it because garlic gives the hummus an extra kick.

Put the lid on your blender and blend the mixture until it is smooth. The mixture will have the consistency of a paste and will be quite thick. It can be snacked on just like this. It’s how I like it. Add some extra olive oil and/or lemon juice if you like it a bit runnier.

Serving homemade hummus

My personal favourite is to serve hummus with carrot sticks, although celery sticks are also great. A second option is to serve it with non-GMO corn chips or multi-grain crackers.

That’s how easy it is to make delicious homemade hummus!

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