50 Free, Easy Habits to Improve Your Health

  1. To improve your health, drink 750ml of water per day no matter what
  2. Eat breakfast, come what may
  3. Don’t take the lift – climb the stairs
  4. Never order anything fried, deep fried or pan fried
  5. When you get out of your car breathe deeply 10 times
  6. Stretch every muscle before you get out of bed
  7. Smile at a car guard once every day
  8. Take up a hobby
  9. Walk everywhere at twice the speed you normally walk
  10. Buy fat free milk instead of 2% or whole. Tastes great!
  11. Swap jam for slices of tomato, salt and pepper on toast
  12. Brush your teeth daily for two whole minutes
  13. Learn to love snacking on a handful of seedless raisins or an apple
  14. Once a month brush your hair 500 times before washing
  15. Train yourself to clear your bowels at the same time daily
  16. Steam your veg over boiling water. Don’t boil in water
  17. Ban margarine from your home
  18. Happy young beautiful woman in fieldBreathe in warm salt water to clear your sinuses
  19. Never touch your face except when washing it
  20. Sit in the sun for 5 minutes a day when it’s shining
  21. Talk to a relative or friend on the phone once a day
  22. Pat your pets daily
  23. Always choose a baked potato rather than chips
  24. Chew your food well to combat hunger pangs
  25. If you feel your food lacks salt then salt it
  26. Never eat any food or enhancer containing MSG
  27. Rinse your hair in vinegar after washing so it shines
  28. Touch a leaf, a flower, tree bark when you pass by
  29. Go to bed early and rise early
  30. Read books
  31. Instead of stock cubes/powder use Marmite
  32. Floss. Even bad flossing is better than no flossing
  33. Stay away from huge crowds in public places to avoid germs
  34. Never eat a meal that is larger than your clenched fist
  35. Ban all electronic devices from your bedroom for sound sleep
  36. Go to a dentist once every six months
  37. Never use artificial sweeteners
  38. Don’t be too quick to apologise or explain
  39. Hug your kids often, even if they squirm
  40. Drink tea and coffee without guilt. They are good for you!
  41. Start each day, week, month and year with a list or plan
  42. Add fresh herbs to your food for taste and nutrients
  43. Focus on the people who make you happy
  44. Laugh at your weaknesses and ignore weaknesses in those you love
  45. Never listen to music on high volume
  46. Avoid crowds in public places. Too many germs!
  47. Don’t wear heels. Wear flat or slightly raised shoes
  48. Limit the time you spend daily on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  49. Use a gentle ringtone for your alarm clock
  50. Be grateful each day for your blessings

All info was correct at time of publishing