Medical Aid for R45 a day

Medical aid for R45 a day? Many people think that they will never be able to afford a medical Aid plan. In fact, for only R 45 a day which is the price of a small hamburger or a movie ticket it is possible to get very good medical coverage.

Trying to find a Medical Plan that will suit not only personal financial budget but also give reasonable coverage is often hard to find and requires many hours of research. Still at the end of this people are even more confused and fail to make themselves familiar with red tape and small print that often applies.

Medical aid for R45 a day

  • Medical Aid for R45 a DayBasic coverage
  • In and Out of Hospital Benefits
  • Extensive Support Network


In addition to the above other advantages of a Top Medical Aid Plan can be:

Respecting Your Body

  • By taking out Medical Cover, it allows a person to give the proper attention and “care” for the body. Imagine if a motor car was never serviced!! Of course, it would result in eventually a breakdown and even more expensive repairs.

Staying Healthy.

  • This ties I with respecting the body. By being a member of a comprehensive medical plan, the member can take advantage of wellness plans, diagnostic testing and immunisations that such a plan offers.
  • This will assist your body in avoiding the annual flu season.


Relieve Stress.

  • In the back of their mind, a person who has no medical cover worries if they have an accident will there be access to the care needed. Even antibiotics these days are becoming expensive. And remember worrying can increase stress and make a person ill!
  • Many people who do not have a Medical Aid tend to hold off seeking treatment for an illness until it often results in complications which require additional expensive treatment.


Talk to a Medical Aid Consultant about affordable medical aid. They are experts with information and knowledge about many medical aids they deal with. Medical aid for R45 a day is available from many of the leading Medical Aid Companies in South Africa.

Topmed Active Saver

Only R45 a day

  1. Unlimited Unrestricted access to private hospitals.
  2. Use of G.P./Specialist of your choice
  3. Maternity Benefits from Risk
  4. 20 % Medical Savings account for out of Hospital Cover
  5. Unlimited Savings carry over.
  6. The member also has access to the TopMed nurse who is available for advice and assistance with any medical problems.

This is just one of the Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa who offer this type of option. There are many other reputable schemes which offer even smaller premiums, but of course, the benefits decrease accordingly.

All info was correct at time of publishing