Medical Aid Quotes for You

Getting medical aid quotes is now as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is fill out the form you can find here and hit submit.

You will shortly get an email with a comparative quotation or an expert on medical funds will call you for a chat about available hospital plans and medical schemes and which of them can best suit your healthcare needs. This depends on the option you select in the form. There is also an option which allows you to receive info on gap cover offers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Health Cover

There are a number of considerations to ponder as you think about which kind of health cover to sign up for. We have listed them here below.

  1. Medical Aid QuotesMedical Aid Scheme vs Insurance Company: You need to first and foremost understand the difference between an insurance company and a medical aid scheme. The former, like almost any other company, is a business founded and run with the aim of profits. Medical aid schemes are non-profit organisations and with open schemes, the aim is to provide as many South Africans as possible with health cover that fully meets their medical needs. Your interests, in terms of quality, affordable healthcare, is their primary goal.Unlike insurance companies such as Clientèle and Old Mutual, medical schemes are required to offer their members what is referred to as Prescribed Minimum Benefits, or simply PMBs. GET AN ONLINE MEDICAL AID QUOTE BY CLICKING HERE. This is a list of close to 300 conditions that includes about 27 chronic ailments that these schemes are obligated by law to cover. As registered members of the Council of Medical Schemes they are supervised to ensure compliance with the Medical Schemes Act. Among the more prominent medical funds in South Africa are Bonitas, Discovery, Sizwe, Momentum, Genesis and Fedhealth. All these are open to any South African looking for health cover. This is why you are encouraged, no matter how little cover you need, to become a member of a medical scheme rather than an insurance company.
  2. Open vs Closed Medical Aid Schemes: You also need to know that there are open and closed, or restricted, medical schemes. Bankmed is an example of a closed scheme which is only accessible to members of the banking sector. In the same vein, only those working directly for the government are eligible for the medical aid GEMS offers. On the other hand, any South African can sign up with Bonitas or Discovery, as mentioned above.
  3. Health Status: If your health status will require frequent hospitalisation or specialised care, you should look at the quotes of open medical aid schemes as they are required by law not to turn away anyone seeking medical cover no matter their health status. So don’t be shy about checking out quotes from Genesis, Momentum and other such schemes as they are required to serve every South African, including you.
  4. Pregnancy: Should you sign up for a medical aid from a scheme during a pregnancy, you might not fully benefit from cover for pre- and post-natal care, although most schemes will cater for treatment in hospital after childbirth in this case. However, to benefit fully you should sign up as early as possible to avoid being hindered by the 12-month waiting period. This stipulation is designed to counter abuse of the scheme.
  5. Coastal residents: Medical aid scheme members who reside at the coast will be able to enjoy some special deals as they have been found to be generally healthier than South Africans living in other parts.