Resolution Hospital Plans

Hospital plans are an affordable medical aid form that allows hundreds of people some degree of medical cover that they would not otherwise have had. We are going to take a look at Resolution Hospital plans.

Resolution health is one of the top 10 largest medical aids in South Africa, providing medical cover for more than 120 000 members and beneficiaries. They sponsor the Ride and Race the Rhino mountain bike events in the support of the protection of rhinos – a species that is currently being poached into extinction for their horns. The horns are used in Asian medicine and as sexual performance enhancers.

A hospital plan is a cheaper medical aid plan that covers treatment for care in hospitals. Most hospital plans do not include additional day-to-day benefits, and these are the responsibility of the member.

A hospital plan is a useful product to cover you in case of accidents and the need for surgery. You will have peace of mind that you will receive the best medical care available when it is needed most.

Resolution has 5 medical aid options that include Resolution Hospital plans. We will now take a look at Resolution Hopsital Plansthat option and the benefits it includes.

The Resolution Hospital Plan option

The Resolution Hospital option is created with young healthy people in mind who are able to manage their own day-to-day medical costs.

The benefits of the option:

• Unlimited hospital cover in any private hospital.
• Cover is paid at 100% of the Resolution rates.
• Access to the maternity programme consisting of 9 visits and 2 2D scans per annum.
• 25 chronic conditions covered.
• Day-to-day prescribed minimum benefit conditions covered at network GPs.
• Free access to the Zurreal4 life rewards and loyalty programme.
• Benefits for a nursing home.
• Oncology benefits at a network hospital.
• 7 days take-home medication.
• No additional day-to-day benefits.
• HIV care programme.

The Resolution Hospital plan provided by Resolution medical aid scheme is a plan tailored to provide you with the best hospital related benefits. The plan includes a maternity benefit that is not usually included in hospital plans.

It is important to note that hospital plans do not cover day-to-day medical costs; the member of a hospital would then either have to pay for the day-to-day costs themselves or make use of government facilities and clinics to provide this cover.

If your current medical health requires additional day-to-day benefits, a network plan might be the better option. Network plans provide both hospital and day-to-day cover at selected service providers at a fraction of the cost of a full comprehensive option. Most of the medical schemes have network options available and the premiums are usually calculated on the monthly income you receive.