Discovery Hospital Plan Prices

Every Discovery Health member can enjoy access to private hospitals. That is because the scheme covers the costs of planned admissions – all inclusive with the Discovery hospital plan prices. And the scheme doesn’t place an overall limit on hospitalisation, regardless of the plan you choose.

When You Need To Go to Hospital

It’s up to you to let Discovery known at least 48 hours before you go to hospital. But this is really easy thanks to tools like Hospital Xpress. This tool helps members both plan their hospitalisation and seek authorisation. It’s also a good tool for reading up on exactly what the scheme will pay for during your stay.

Discovery Hospital Plan Networks

Depending on your plan, Discovery may require you to use a network which, included in the Discovery hospital plan prices. The following plans require members to choose from a Discovery Hospital Plan Pricesnetwork of top hospitals:

Coastal Plans
–    With Coastal plans, members will have to go to a hospital located in one of SA’s coastal provinces and planned admission is required. If you do not use one of the facilities in the network, the medical aid will pay up to 70% of your hospital account. And you’ll need to pay for the rest.

Delta Network Options
–    The Delta hospital network offers a comprehensive selection of hospitals and day-clinics for members on Delta plans. But let’s say you don’t want to use one of the hospitals. Then you’ll have to pay as much as R5 500 upfront when you arrive at the hospital.

KeyCare Plans
–    With these hospital plans, again, members will need to choose from a facility within the network but if you don’t, you’ll need to foot the bill for all related claims.

Costs Covered By Discovery Health Hospital Plan Prices

Regardless of the healthcare plan you take out, the hospital cover will comprise:
–    Ward and theatre fees as well as healthcare professional accounts including your admitting doctor, anaesthetist and any other pre-approved healthcare expenses. These include pathology or radiology. These expenses are separate from your hospital account and will be referred to as related expenses.
–    Pathology expenses, that is blood and tissues tests, aim to pick up irregularities in a sample of your tissue or blood. The tests can detect drugs, alcohol and bacteria or a virus. The benefits of pathology as part of a planned hospital visit will depend on your plan but will be included in the plan price if applicable.

Some Payments May Not Be Fully Paid Out

The medical scheme only pays out for medically appropriate claims so your cover depends on their rules and conditions. There are certain expenses that may crop up in hospital that your plan doesn’t cover such as certain medicines, procedures and new technologies. You’ll need to get separate approval during your hospital stay.

Upfront Payments

Most plans won’t require you to make upfront payments when you’re in hospital but those that do mean you get to enjoy lower monthly contributions.


All info was correct at time of publishing