Sizwe Medical Aid – High Tech Way to Find Affordable Medical Care

What is Sizwe Medical Aid?

Since 1978 Sizwe Medical fund has been providing South Africa with funding solutions. It remains a leading medical plan provider and has moved with the times. Look no further than the Sizwe website to see how this company has remained in step with technological developments. The website is designed for use on mobile phones as well, so users can easily check the range of medical schemes available at Sizwe wherever they may be.

Sizwe Medical AidThe benefit and premium descriptions on some South African medical aid websites are frighteningly complicated.
Possibly the most daunting thing about choosing a medical aid scheme is the tremendous range of different cover
options that are available. The screeds of information can be off-putting,
making the reader feel that they have to be an actuary or a medical
specialist to be able to understand the small print. Sizwe medical aid has
tried hard to cut out the red tape, reducing the main choices of cover to
three manageable areas:

  • Traditional (which includes Affordable, Primary and Full Budget)
  • Behind the Scenes programmes (more about that later) and
  • Value Added Programmes – one each for HIV/AIDS, Europ Assist and a Wellness Programme

The Affordable Sizwe option is definitely worth a look. A concise PDF document outlines the benefits and the premiums. The benefit and premium descriptions on some South African medical aid websites are frighteningly awkward, but not this one. The two-page, downloadable document makes it easy to see what the medical health deal covers and what premiums you can expect to pay.

The Primary and Full Budget PDFs follow the same format. It’s the benefits and contributions that differ from the Affordable option.]

Behind the Scenes Programmes at Sizwe Medical Aid

  • Making sure that the members receive the proper care and applicable benefits is a major concern of Sizwe. For that reason they have put four programmes in place to ensure that
  • Members receive the proper dental care they require via the Dental Management Programme
  • Patients receive the applicable hospital care via the Hospital Management Programme
  • Sizwe monitors members who are careless about the health care via the Member Profiling Programme
  • There is also misuse of medical schemes among a few providers. Sizwe manages this risk via its Provider Management Programme


Adding Value to the Sizwe Experience

Finally there are a number of Value Added programmes from Sizwe.

The first is regarding HIV positive members and AIDS patients. There is special cover for these categories of members.

Then there is ambulance cover. Sizwe has an agreement with Europ Assistance South Africa, who supply for emergency services across a nationwide network. In the event of an emergency Europ Assist will be on hand to transport Sizwe members to the most appropriate facility.

The Wellness programmes offered by Sizwe medical aid are a way to encourage and reward healthy living. Health premiumsrelate  healthy lifestyles, which is good for members and good for the health of the medical aid scheme itself.

All info was correct at time of publishing