Sizwe Medical Aid

Sizwe medical aid is one of the lesser known medical aid schemes amongst the likes of Bonitas medical aid and Discovery medical aid but it was actually formed back in 1978 in order to provide affordable healthcare cover in the country, catered specifically for South Africans.

The scheme claims to understand the needs of its members and in so doing have developed affordable products that offer peace of mind and optimal medical aid cover.


The one-stop solution

The scheme aims to offer a one-stop solution to suit all types of member from low-paid employees to high-powered executives who can enjoy the flexibility of choosing whichever option suits them best.

They have included a number of wellness programs for added value that help members to manage their Sizwe Medical Aidchronic conditions and other medical expenses.

Sizwe medical aid is one of those medical aids that provide various benefit management programs for its members. The programs have been designed to make sure that members get adequate care along with quality medical cover.


Hospital Management Program

This program has been designed to make sure that members’ hospital needs are met and once a member seeks authorisation for hospitalisation they are assigned a case manager or representative who will ensure the highest possible level of care and treatment according to the benefits option the member has.


Chronic Medicine Program

This program allows Sizwe medical aid members to acquire certain chronic medicines via benefit separate from the day-to-day benefits fund. Members who wish to be a part of the program need to register to join by filling in an application form. The member will then need to undergo an examination and assessment before submitting the form.


HIV/AID Management Program

This management program is managed by a team of experts including pharmacists, doctors and nurses as well as a clinical specialist who are insistent that early diagnosis along with education and adhering to treatments will help to keep members healthy.

On-going counselling is also strongly recommended. Members of the program are educated as to how to manage their health in order to be healthy and fit.


Wellness Program

Members who are able to prevent or manage chronic conditions without the need to be hospitalised will enjoy the benefits of the wellness program. The program focuses on a combined approach to health and well-being and sets out to educate members on their condition so that they are better able to manage it. Wellness consultants are implemented to help with lifestyle adaptations that can seriously reduce the need for costly treatments and hospitalisation. Conditions managed include:

  • Diabetes
  • Mental health
  • Asthma
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure


Dental Benefit Program

This program allows members access to treatment for oral health. There are no financial limits meaning that the benefits are endless. The benefit covers treatment for good oral maintenance as well as dental emergencies. Non-essential treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, gold inlays and bridges are not included.