When one sees the reach of Prosano Medical Aid today, one may be fooled into thinking that it’s always been the big medical aid scheme it is today. The company today has its influence across the country with more than 32, 000 members. And yet the company started as a small company back in 1976.

The company started as a small traditional medical plan in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Today it is a national brand that serves both the private and public sector boasting a high reserve in the medical schemes market.

Prosano Medical Aid – Helping members

People know Prosano for the exemplary relationship it has with its service providers which goes a long way in helping its members get quality medical services and products. In their growing, Prosano has diversified its products to include every need for every person and to fit everybody’s budget.

ProSano Medical AidThe aim of Prosano has been to serve its customers with the best in medical cover service and its efforts are especially visible in its effort to compensate its members, this has led to the company being awarded the AA- Global Credit Rating.

Prosano is among other medical aids in South Africa that are popular and rated highly such as Bonitas Medical Aid, Sizwe Medical Aid and Discovery Medical Aid.

Prosano Medical Aid – Different product options

The scheme has three basic product options that it provides to its members. These options are; the ProVision option, ProVider option, the ProClassic option, the ProCedure option, and the ProElite options.

Prosano Medical Aid – The ProVision option

The ProVision product option is a low cost hospital plan that is intended for individuals of sound health. It is especially good for providing maternity cover outside the hospital and also in the hospital in case of emergencies.

The ProVider option is also another budget option that is especially good for individuals and families that are starting out.

This option provides for services within the hospital and also for those outside the hospital. A major advantage of these cover is that the premiums charged per month are based on an individual’s income. This will however also reflect on the extents of cover you can afford.

Prosano Medical Aid – The ProClassic Option

Another package option is the ProClassic Option. This product provides extensive cover that uses the accumulated Prosano Medical aid savings account to help in compensating any expenses.

This option helps to cover day to day medical expenses, though with a limit, and it also covers hospitalization costs.

The ProCedure Prosano option targets people whose income per month is R4000 and less. This option provides the members with cover for the day to day medical expenses which is unlimited and also provides some low cost hospitalization cover at selected providers with a set limit of R 150, 000 per annum and R 500,000 per annum for families. This plan also includes cover for unlimited consultation visits.

Prosano Medical Aid – The ProElite option

The final product option provided by the Prosano Medical Aid is the ProElite option. This is another extensive cover suitable for individuals in busy working environments.

The cover provides extensive benefits in and out of the hospital giving generous benefits. Some of these benefits include unlimited hospitalization cover and cover for many day to day expenses. Prosano covers those and not from the member’s savings. This option also has a savings account to cover remedial day to day expenses.

It is important to note that ProSano Medical Scheme has amalgamated with Bonitas Medical Fund with effect as from 1 January 2013.

All info was correct at time of publishing