Discovery introduce high-tech Healthcare.

The Discovery Health medical scheme has a total membership of over two million people. This makes it by far the largest scheme in the country.

Launched in 1998, they received an AA+ rating from Global Credit Rating. This is the highest rating you get when it comes to paying out claims.

Discovery Health medical Scheme and Growth

With such a large base their reserves have grown to more than R7.4 billion. This gives members peace of mind when it comes to a claim pay out. Their membership growth has increased by more than 100 000 people annually since 2008.

Discoverys’ solvency ratio is 23.5%, below the required 25%, but this is because of the strong growth. They are considered to be financially sound.

Discovery Health medical Scheme –¬†Health plans

There are a wide range of health plans that cater to both the top end salary earner and the lower income earners. All these health care options have full Discovery Health medical schemecover for approved medicines from a list of chronic conditions.

Members also have access to HIVCare, Oncology and Renal programmes.

To find the health scheme that most suits your budget and your health needs you have to compare health plans:

Discovery Health medical Scheme plans –

The Classic Range of plans –

  • Comprehensive – main member R3 086
  • Delta Comprehensive – main member R2 780
  • Delta – main member R1 449
  • Zero MSA – main member R2 315


The Essential Range of plans –

  • Comprehensive – main member R2 594
  • Delta Comprehensive – main member R 2 335
  • Delta – main member R1 152
  • Essential – main member R1 778


The KeyCare Range of plans –

(Rate depends on which of the three salary brackets a member falls in)

  • Plus – main member from R638 – R1 330
  • Access – main member from R450 – R 1300
  • Core – main member from R511 – R 982


The Priority Range of plans –

  • Classic – main member R2 069


The Saver Range of plans –

  • Coastal – main member R1 428

The wide range of options from Discovery Health Medical Scheme means that you can find a hospital plan or medical scheme that’s perfectly suited to your specific requirements.

Online tools

Discovery also has online tools to help you keep track of your medical information online. Includes following claims, checking benefits, hospital admissions, managing chronic conditions, finding healthcare professionals and even ordering medicine.

Furthermore, they have launched HealthID, a healthcare info app that allows doctors access to a patient’s information through an iPad.

All info was correct at time of publishing