Medical Aid Fees for Discovery Health Plans

Discovery claims to have the best health care cover, offering many different plans for the rainbow nation. Altogether, Discovery has a choice of 30 different plans, with different monthly contributions, and different levels of benefits. Therefore, the monthly contribution in each plan below is an average one, based on a family of 2 adults and 3 children. So let’s look at some of their plans and medical aid fees.

The Medical Savings Account

  • Of the total monthly contribution for your chosen plan, a portion will go to the Medical Savings Account, out of which your day-to-day expenses come.
  • Each medical Savings Account has an Annual Threshold. So once your Savings Account is exhausted, any further medical expenses will be paid by you until this Annual Threshold is reached.
  • Thereafter, for the rest of the year, and if you’re on the Executive or Comprehensive Plans, your benefits from your medical savings will be unlimited.
  • On the Priority Plans, once you reach the Annual Threshold, you will have another limit to what you can then claim from your Medical Savings Account.

Only 4 Plans have these Savings Accounts : The Executive Plan, The Comprehensive Series, The Priority Series, and The Saver Series.

Medical Aid Fees – The Executive Plan

This Plan is the most extensive in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover. Significantly, it pays up to 300% of the Discovery rate for specialists. And this plan has a Medical Savings Account.

  • R12,732 monthly contribution for a family of 5


medical aid fees for discovery health plans

Medical Aid Fees – The Comprehensive Series

This Series has extensive in-hospital and out-of hospital cover. You may go to any private hospital. Within the series you have 5 different plans:

  • Classic Comprehensive. R10,241 monthly contribution for a family of 5
  • Classic Delta Comprehensive. R9,221
  • Classic Zero MSA. R7,683
  • Essential Comprehensive. R8,624
  • Essential Delta Comprehensive. R7,757

These all have Medical Savings Accounts,except Classic Zero MSA. The Classic plans have up to 200% cover for specialists, and the Essential plans up to 100%.

Medical Aid Fees – The Saver Series

This Series gives cost-effective in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover. Any private hospital may be used. And the Classic plans Pay up to 200% for specialists, and the Essential and Coastal plans up to 100%.

  • Classic Saver. R7,004 monthly contribution for a family of 5
  • Classic Delta Saver. R5,604
  • Essential Saver. R5,494
  • Essential Delta Saver. R4,393
  • Coastal Saver. R5,509

All these plans have Medical Savings Accounts.

Medical Aid Fees – The Smart Plan

This plan gives cost effective in-hospital benefits as well as day-to-day cover. Because this is a Network plan, it has a Smart Network of selected doctors, specialists, hospital and other para-medical facilities for all services.

  • R4,167 monthly contribution for a family of 5

This plan has no Medical savings Account.

Medical Aid Fees – The KeyCare Series

Importantly, this Series offers the best, most affordable cover through a network of hospitals and doctors.

  • KeyCare Plus –  4 different income-based plans with a monthly contribution for a family of 5 ranging between R1,450 and R4,860.
  • KeyCare Access –  4 different income-based plans with a monthly contribution for a family of 5 ranging between R1,940 and R4,764.
  • And KeyCare Core – 3 different income-based plans with a monthly contribution for a family of 5 ranging between R1,849 and R3,429.

Some plans have been left out, but you can get an idea that Discovery offers plans that suit every lifestyle and every budget.


All info was correct at time of publishing