Clientele Life Hospital Plan Quotes

 Introduction to Clientele Life Hospital Plan Quotes

Clientele has been providing health care benefit products to members for more than twenty years. During that time they have been amongst the first to market their products directly to new members.

Their marketing maintains that extensive industry experience places them ideally to understand the market. They say they create products most useful to the widest possible group of people. Clientele says they offer the service necessary to guarantee that the best medical care is available to members.

They believe that any investment in medical insurance is just like any other short term insurance. They also believe that cost effective medical insurance should be an option for everybody. The various products they offer try to meet this need. Whilst not offering a large number of plans, the ones they do offer are flexible and simple.

What does the Clientele Scheme Offer?

Clientele Life Hospital Plan QuotesThere are only two hospital plans offered by Clientele Life hospital plan quotes. Don’t let the fact that there are only two plans misguide you. Many competitor organisations offer larger numbers with very little to distinguish between them.

Essentially, a Clientele Life hospital plan quotes should provide cover to members when illness or hospitalisation becomes necessary. It is not a full medical aid that covers the widest range of procedures, chronic medication, and other routine medical costs. This is a different type of product that is altogether more expensive.

Clientele Benefits

The slighter benefits of this type of plan are for those people who find they are unable to afford full cover or for those that feel their health needs are less extensive. Hospital plans are specific. They provide members with cover for emergencies  as a result of injury or unforeseen circumstances. Clientele offer two hospital plans:

1.    The Standard Clientele Life plan begins with low premiums of just 100 rand a month. Members benefit from up to 3,000 rand from the third day you are hospitalised. This is a simple policy, offering basic cover to members but is also offers maternity and accidental disability benefits as well. Cover is only offered for diseases such as HIV for members who become diagnosed whilst they are members. In some situations the plan also offers a cash back bonus to members who have paid 60 premiums and not made any claims.

2.    The Premium Clientele Life plan costs a little more but offers much greater benefits. It pays up to 5,000 rand after the third day of hospitalisation. Treatment for HIV is included when the member is diagnosed during membership. The package also includes substantial accidental death and maternity benefits and provides a cash bonus after 60 months premiums have been paid with no claim.

Summary about getting Clientele Life hospital plan quotes

Clientele Life is a substantial organisation with a good balance sheet that you can rely on. They offer full compliance with all laws and regulations covering the industry and they maintain they offer medical cover to many people who would not, otherwise, be able to afford it. If you need cover, you should compare the offers from various providers before making your final choice. Click here for more Clientele hospital plan information.

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