Grintek Medical Aid Serves Saab Employees

Grintek medical aid is the scheme provided by the Swedish company Saab for its employees here in South Africa.

Medical aids in South Africa

At the start of 2015 there were 86 medical aid schemes operating in South Africa.

There are two types of schemes available, open schemes and restricted schemes.

Grintek Medical AidAn open scheme is available for anyone to join. Discovery medical aid and Genesis medical aid are two examples of open schemes.A restricted scheme like Grintek medical aid is only available to the employees of the company or organisation which owns the medical scheme.

Imperial medical aid and Grintek medical aid are only two of the sixty-three restricted schemes currently in operation. If your company does not have its own medical aid plan then you will need to join one of the twenty-three open plans.

All medical aids in South Africa including the Grintek medical aid scheme fall all under the supervision of the Council for Medical Aid Schemes.Their purpose is to ensure that all the schemes are carefully managed, are meeting the needs of their members, and can cover all their liabilities.

Who Grintek medical aid serves

Saab started Grintek medical aid to serve its Grintek employees working here in South Africa. The employees may work at either Saab Grintek Technologies or at Saab Grintek Defence. The scheme is a restricted scheme. Therefore, only these employees and their dependents may be a member of the Grintek medical aid.

The Grintek medical aid benefits are comprehensive and designed so that members should never encounter a shortfall.

Typical medical aid benefits

All medical schemes such as the Grintek medical aid have their own set of benefits for various plans. It is because there are so many plans available that you should shop around before committing yourself.

Grintek Electronics Medical Aid

You need to consider your personal circumstances – both your budget and your health needs. Perhaps you are unsure ofwhich package to select. Or maybe you do not have the time to research all the packages. Well, then you can always use the services of a broker. Sanlam for instance has its own independent medical aid brokerage called Completemed.

Completemed works with most of the major open medical schemes. These include Liberty medical aid, Medshield medical aid and Momentum Health.

All medical aid schemes,including the Grintek medical aid,must adhere to the rules for the provision of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB).This means that the medical schemes must provide a minimum of healthcare irrespective of which benefit package their members have selected. For example, they must pay for the cost of any diagnosis, care and treatment of any emergency condition.

Each scheme must also cover a limited set of 270 medical conditions and 26 chronic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and Coronary artery disease.

To see the full set of benefits of the Grintek electronics medical aid scheme, you can download their 2015 brochure from the Grintek medical aid website.



All info was correct at time of publishing