Topmed started in 1972. It is an open medical scheme. A board of trustees is elected by the members as well as one co-opted trustee elected by the board.

Topmed claims to offer a personal health care service to their 11 200 members with financial stability. They do that because of their high reserve, providing a long term value for money scheme.

What’s on offer at Topmed?

This medical scheme’s health care options offer a range of cover values. This ranges from the basic hospital plan which covers all in-hospital health care requirements. At the top is the comprehensive Traditional 100% option. That covers all in-hospital eventualities as well as taking care of day-to-day expenses. This is so that the member does not have to manage this aspect themselves.

TopmedThe intermediary health care options offer different levels of cover regarding in-hospital as well as day to day benefits. The day-to-day benefits are managed by the member. And, once depleted, are payable by the member until a threshold is reached at which the plan resumes payment.

Why choose Topmed Medical Scheme?

In order to ensure their members receive the health care treatment they need in a time of crisis, Topmed has introduced the Extended Major Medical Benefit. This, it says, enables people who have suffered a hip or knee replacement, crime trauma, heart attack or stroke to receive post incident or operation care, funded from the major medical benefit, rather than their day-to-day expenses.

Topmed believes this gives their members the peace of mind that, should one of these 5 unfortunate events befall them, they can receive treatment without depleting their day-to-day benefits.

Have a look into the benefits that Topmed has to offer its members to see if any of those options suit your needs and affordability.