Momentum Multiply is Playing in a League of its Own

Momentum Multiply, as the wellness and rewards programme that is part of Momentum’s array of product offerings was profiled extensively during the national road-shows themed the “DNA of financial wellness forums”. These DNA forums kicked-off in Polokwane on 21 July 2014.

At the various events, Multiply aimed to instill two distinctive value propositions that provided members with a unique perspective when it comes to sustainable healthy living. Firstly, Multiply focused on holistic wellness where the programme provides members with the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life; a life of holistic wellness.

Secondly, the Multiply programme focuses on incentivising appropriate behaviour through their wide network-partner discounts and offering members the opportunity to enjoy a more rewarding life.

Momentum Multiply – Driving Financial Wellness

Momentum MonopolyUltimately, Multiply plays a key role in driving the financial wellness of members. Multiply is fully integrated with the concept of “Financial Wellness” to incentivise members to focus on improving their financial wellness.

In addition, members of the programme do earn lots of points by simply completing the online financial wellness questionnaires and engaging with the online tools and calculators. Together, financial wellness and Multiply, provide a unique engagement platform for Momentum clients.

Furthermore, Momentum has enhanced their product combinations by introducing the Funds At Work and Multiply integration benefit. This benefit aims to provide unequaled employee value through combining the Funds At Work solution with Multiply membership. Members can receive up to 25% of their group risk premiums back based on their health and Multiply status.

Momentum Multiply – Group Risk Benefits

Also, Multiply members with approved group risk benefits, will receive up to 25% of their group risk premiums back by way of payments into their retirement savings fund. Members with unapproved group risk benefits will receive up to 25% of their group risk premiums back paid into either their “HealthSaver” account for Momentum Health members or up to 15% of their group risk premiums back in the form of Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shopper points for non-Momentum Health members. This new benefit creates an unbeatable group value proposition in the market.

Over and above the already 40 plus retailors that Multiply has partnered with, they launched an additional range of new online shopping partners, which include:

•    Alva
•    Aqua Optima
•    Casals
•    Cyclelab
•    Dyson
•    Kingston
•    Lenovo
•    LG
•    Logitech
•    Mellerware
•    Monix
•    Morphy Richards
•    Sony
•    Targus
•    The Pro Shop
•    Western Digital

Significantly, these new brands complement the overall Multiply value proposition significantly and contribute towards clients experiencing an improved lifestyle.

All info was correct at time of publishing