Discovery Hospital Plan

Discovery medical scheme is going from strength to strength. They currently have over 20 medical aid plans to choose from. We will take a look at the Discovery hospital plan series.

As one of the largest medical aids in South Africa and covering more than 2, 5 million members, Discovery has all the necessary funds available to pay all claims and create plans that suit both the pockets and needs of their clients.

The Discovery hospital plan series is called the Core series and includes 5 medical aid options; The Classic Core, Classic Delta Core, Essential Core, Essential Delta Core and Coastal  Core plans.

The Delta plans are limited to network service providers and the Coastal plans to service providers in Coastal Areas.

The benefits included in Discovery hospital plans are:

  • Hospital care is covered at 100% of scheme rates at any private hospital in the Classic and Essential Core plans.
  • Hospital cover for the Delta and Coastal plans are provided by network provider or region specific hospitals.
  • All of the plans include HIV prevention medication related to mother to child transfer, sexual assault, occupational or traumatic exposure.
  • Chronic conditions are covered form a comprehensive list of diseases. You will receive a certain amount monthly for chronic medication, the rest you have to pay yourself. Chronic treatment is to be done and managed by a network practitioner.
  • Unlimited HIV/AIDS benefits when you register on the HIV management Programme.
  • All of the plans include an oncology benefit.
  • Discovery Hospital PlanPrescribed minimum benefits are covered, with the requirement that you use a doctor nominated by the scheme.
  • R 5 million or 90 days of medical cover should you need medical assistance during a medical emergency while travelling abroad.
  • Access to the screening and prevention benefits that includes; blood glucose, blood sugar, blood pressure and body mass index tests at a Discovery Wellness Network provider. The prevention also includes; mammogram, Pap smear, prostate tests and flu vaccines in certain cases.
  • The plan also covers scopes and other procedures in doctor’s rooms. Paying up to 200% of the scheme rate for the Classic Options, and 100% of scheme rates for the Essential and Coastal options.
  • The Africa benefits allows for medical evacuations from certain Sub- Saharan countries.

Should you choose a Discovery hospital plan you will receive affordable medical aid and value for your money. You will also be allowed to join the Discovery Vitality rewards programme, where you will be able to save money via discounted rates and cash back shopping opportunities at selected partners.

The programme also includes screening and prevention health checkups and additional rewards for healthy living. You will be joining one of the strongest medical aid schemes around and will receive medical cover that is hard to match.

All info was correct at time of publishing