Do Medical Aids Cover Breast Cancer Treatment?

Do Medical Aids Cover Breast Cancer Treatment?

Medical aid schemes vary in the cancer treatment benefits they offer.Ask them these questions before deciding.

Although it may be impossible to predict whether you will get breast cancer, you can predict your financial health with the right planning. The cost of breast cancer treatment can cost in the region of R500 000 just for the first year. There are additional expenses relating to post-cancer medication. This might continue for up to five years, post treatment.

Approximately one in eight South African women has breast cancer and survivors have said that the financial implications are massive. Many people may be under the impression that their medical aid plans will cover most, if not all, of the associated costs, but this may not be the case.

Different Schemes Offer Different Cancer Cover

Medical schemes offer different plans which in turn provide different levels of cover for breast cancer Do Medical Schemes Cover Cancer Treatmenttreatment. When choosing a plan, you should be aware of the oncology benefits and various levels of treatment covered. You always have a right to request the scheme rules and policies.

Treatment Exclusions

Most medical schemes place an annual limit on the amount that can be spent on oncology. Some procedures and treatments may even be excluded. Exclusions tend to depend on the type of cancer, treatment and stage. Some medical aids tend to place a co-payment onto oncology treatments. So they may only cover a percentage of the treatment costs and you will be required to pay the balance out of your own pocket.

Questions to Ask Medical  Aid Schemes

When choosing a medical plan, find out if the plan will offer more than just Prescribed Minimum Benefit oncology cover and what the overall annual limit for oncology is. Also find out if the medical plan will cover the benefit in full or if a co-payment will apply. Find out if your scheme will cover the cost of more expensive and advanced treatments if necessary.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the implications, financially, of being diagnosed with breast cancer?
  • If your medical aid is only going to cover a particular percentage of the treatment and medication, will that put you dramatically out of pocket?
  • How much would such expenses amount to?
  • Does your employer have policies in place when it comes to falling seriously ill or will recovery time mean a loss of income? Loss of income, coupled with having to pay out-of-pocket for treatment will very probably result in serious financial implications.
  • Should you look at additional critical illness cover?

Their answers to these questions should help you decide.

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