Find the best Medical Aid for the best medical care.

Choosing the best medical aid is no easy task. It requires time to research the best possible medical plan for affordability, your family, lifestyle and needs.

There are many websites that offer comparison quotes when you input your details and requirements. In return, you receive a list of medical plan options. However, there are certain issues to consider when making your decision.

For example, if you have a dread disease you may need extra care. You need to know if the medical aid plan covers the added expense for medication, and a hospital stay.

Best Medical Aid

Common critical illnesses in South Africa include cancer, heart attack and bypass surgery. Some schemes do offer cover under their Prescribed Minimum Benefits but each plan may impose limits with regards to how the conditions are insured.

Best medical Aid network of Hospitals

Some schemes tend to use certain networks of hospitals and service providers. If you use a service provider outside the network, you will be liable for the co-payment. Different schemes also offer certain treatment programs or limit the amount of MRI or CT scans allowed.

The best medical aid plans, however, have choices to suit conditions and budgets. Momentum Health offers the chance to save up to 35% on their fees and their Health Returns programme.

This means that up to R5 400, as well as GP visits, can be earned. They offer a free annual health check and care which includes pregnancy scans. The Health Saver option makes provision for any extra medical expenses that may arise. Plus, the rewards programme allows for discounts from the group’s partners such as Garmin, Canon and Dis-Chem.

As one of the best medical aid schemes in the country members can choose a provider from a network and save up to 35% on their membership fees. Four free GP visits are allowed per year and there is a mobile site that provides quick medical information.

Discovery Health helps You take Care of Yourself

Discovery Health is one of the best medical aid schemes in the country and one of the largest open schemes around. Their products include a Medical Savings Account and a Vitality Wellness programme. The Wellness plan encourages members to be responsible for their health.

All their plans cover a hospital stay, chronic medicine and preventative screening. Plus, many of the plans cover day-to-day medical costs and emergency cover when travelling outside the country.

The scheme offers an array of products to suite member’s budgets, from straightforward hospital plans right up to Executive plans. Their Vitality program offers a great reward through their partners, such as shopping online via Vitality Mall or joining certain gyms.

Choosing the best medical aid in South Africa needs to be an informed decision. Should you choose a plan that doesn’t comprehensively cover your needs, schemes will let you upgrade to a more suitable option.

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