Medical Schemes

There are a large number of medical schemes in South Africa. To some extent the words ‘medical aids’ and ‘medical schemes’ are used interchangeably. In other cases such companies are either called one or the other.
To confuse matters further, some companies are called medical aid schemes!
Listed below are links to more information about each medical scheme. These are also links to medical scheme related subjects.
When deciding which of the medical schemes to join, we encourage you to take your time and do your research. Your decision will affect your health cover, and that or your family, for many years to come.


Cheap Medical Scheme for All

Let’s face it, in South Africa there are some pretty costly medical aids, and in today’s economic climate you’ve got to do your research for everything to find the cheapest service provider who will also offer you value for money. When it comes…


Minister of Health Wades into Private Sector Health Care

South Africa faces health system equity challenges, and in fact some 43% of total health care expenditure goes to private health insurance schemes, which also only covers 16% of the population. Health care in South Africa is no longer what it is supposed…


Open Letter from Genesis Medical Aid March 2016

Dear Member At Genesis, we believe that the scheme is its members and the members are the scheme. Therefore, decisions taken by the Board of Trustees and the actions taken by management must be fair, transparent and in the interest of all members.…


A Look Ahead at Healthcare Issues in 2016

By Graham Anderson, CEO and Principal Officer at Profmed The South African healthcare industry has been experiencing rapid and varied changes over the last decade or so and the last year in particular has seen a number of issues coming to a head.…


Medical Gap Cover Costs Rocket

It is frightening and disheartening when the very thing that cash strapped South Africans regard as their lifeline – gap cover – goes up beyond what is considered the norm. People with medical aids in South Africa have already switched to inferior plans…


Complaint About Access to Medical Scheme Benefits

An article about the role of a medical practitioner in a complaint by a member concerning access to medical scheme benefits By Neil Kirby, Director: Healthcare and Life Sciences Law at Werksmans Attorneys Lodging a complaint with a medical scheme can be a…


When Changing Medical Schemes – Take Note!

So you’ve heard of a medical scheme that you want to join but you’re nervous to leave your current scheme in case of waiting periods, penalties or even no cover.  What restrictions can a medical scheme apply?  Alexander Forbes Health Branch Head Tracy…


Clever People Choose the Profmed Medical Scheme

The Profmed medical scheme is geared at those professionals who managed to obtain the minimum of a four-degree from a technical university, or a similar equivalent. These individuals will be offered exclusive and affordable cover in exchange for their monthly premium. The benefits…


Moto Health Care to Drive You into the Future

The Moto Health Care medical aid is aimed at those in the automotive industry. It is a restricted medical aid – a bargaining council fund and is registered with the South African Council of Medical Scheme. Moto has been around since October 2007.…


Medical Schemes Don’t Want to Pay for C-Sections Any More

An official of the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) has reported that medical schemes are unhappy with the number of C-section claims by South African women. Dr Anton de Villiers, head of research and monitoring at the CMS, says a massive 71% of…