Medical Aid Companies

There are a large number of medical aid companies (sometimes known as medical aid schemes) operating in South Africa. Below you will find links to information about most of them.
These schemes offer a wide range of medical aid packages that, in some cases, include benefits unrelated to the core role of medical aid companies – benefits such as cheap membership of gyms and heavily discounted movie tickets.
In selecting which medical aid company to join we encourage you to spend time selecting the scheme best suited to potential medical crises you may face in your lives, rather than be distracted by such fringe benefits.
When the chips are down, you need a medical aid scheme that will pay your bills, in full. Make sure you choose the right one!


OnePlan Medical Aid

OnePlan Medical aid started just recently in 2010 as a product of Onecard Management Services. The company has seen its customers grow at an astonishing rate. It currently boasts over 32,000 customers.This is because this insurance company has targeted people who wanted the…


Sanlam Growth in Healthcare Predicted

Ian Kirk, deputy group chief executive of Sanlam has predicted that Sanlam is set to grow in the healthcare arena, following the increase of its headline earnings of three percent to R8.3 billion. According to figures announced, Sanlam’s short-term insurance earnings via Santam…


Discovery Executive Plan – the Best from the Best

Discovery is considered to be the best private health insurer in South Africa. The Discovery executive plan is their top of the range plan. Health care plans Health care plans like Discovery executive plan are becoming more popular in South Africa. This is…


Discovery South Africa

Discovery South Africa is a well-recognised name when it comes to medical aids. With a variety of health plans to choose from, every member’s need are satisfied. The Vitality Health Program makes sure that all members lead a healthy lifestyle. Why choose any…


Bonitas Contact Details

Here is the main Bonitas Contact Number for all queries Call 0860 002 108 The Call Centre is open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Bonitas Email queries should be directed to or consult the website at where you can…



Originally Reef Medical Scheme, Fedhealth Medical Aid was established in 1936. It offers a risk premium with a fixed savings level per option and out of hospital expenses benefit. Fedhealth Medical Aid provide what they call Real Medical Aid at Real Value and…


Discovery health medical

Discovery health medical aid started as a small health insurance company more than 20 years ago and has grown to be the largest in South Africa. Not only do they give you security with the most plans options, they also encourage one to…


Discovery medical aid

  Ranked the largest and one of the top medical aids in South Africa, Discovery medical aid is synonymous with financial stability, proficient service and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for medical schemes that offer extensive ranges of products then look no…


Resolution Health Medical aid

Resolution Health Medical Aid is one of the more affordable medical aids in South Africa and is ranked one of the top ten largest in South Africa as well. Although they only have five medical plans to choose from, their prices are good…


Resolution Medical Aid

Formed in the year 1998, Resolution Health Medical Aid has managed to get an astounding number of members, today it caters for approximately 150,000 members. This is a great feat that has been achieved in a relatively short time. Some of its traditions…