Medical Scheme Companies

Below are links to articles about most of the open medical scheme companies operating in South Africa. They are intended to assist you in deciding which medical scheme to join. We encourage you to contact the medical schemes you are thinking of joining.
In addition, we encourage you to consult an advisor on medical scheme companies – but make sure that you know up front which companies they are affiliated to. We also encourage you to get quotes from different medical schemes.
One important point – be up front and honest in disclosing any chronic conditions you or members of your family suffer from. If you ‘Hide’ them, a medical scheme company has the right to refuse to pay for treatments and operations related to such conditions.


A Momentum medical scheme always keeps your needs in mind.

The Momentum medical scheme is one of the largest in South Africa. It is an open scheme providing medical care for more than a hundred thousand families. The scheme is unique in that members save more than a third if they use certain…