Medihelp Medical Aid


Medihelp medical aid, similar to Bonitas medical aid, is one of the largest medical aid schemes in South Africa. The scheme offers an array of benefits to suit various ages, lifestyles and budgets.



Necesse is a basic hospital plan medical aid that offers not only comprehensive hospitalisation cover but also day-to-day benefits via the Necesse network of healthcare professionals. A specific doctor needs to be chosen from the network so as to avoid any out-of-pocket expenses.

The plan further covers acute medication as long as it is prescribed by a network professional and obtained from a dispensing network doctor or pharmacy within the Medihelp medical aid preferred Medihelp Medical Aidpharmacy network. Only medications that appear on the medical aids’ list qualify for benefits.

Over-the-counter medicine that does not require a prescription can be obtained from a pharmacy within the network. Approved chronic medication can also be obtained from a preferred pharmacy.

The Necesse plan also covers x-rays and blood tests as requested by a network doctor, scheduled and emergency care, and hospitalisation.


Dimension Prime 1

This plan is suitable for people who like to maintain their health and like the peace of mind of having comprehensive medical cover. With this plan, members can gain access to private hospitalisation and preventative care benefits. Other cover comprises:

  • Trauma recovery
  • Prescribed minimum benefits
  • Day-to-day benefits


Dimension Prime 2

This option not only provides day-to-day benefits but a savings account is included that gives members peace of mind when it comes to additional expenses such as dentistry and eye care. Preventative care benefits are also included via the health and benefit booster.


Dimension Prime 3

This plan offers complete medical cover and includes:

  • Preventative care benefits
  • General radiology and pathology benefits
  • Dentistry benefits
  • Optometry benefits
  • Day-to-day benefits
  • Diagnosis, treatment and care of 270 Prescribed minimum benefits and 26 chronic conditions
  • Access to emergency medical services


Dimension Elite

The Dimension Elite option within Medihelp medical aid offers a great range of benefits from ample day-to-day benefits to major medical benefits and unlimited treatment for, inter alia, medical and surgical services, medicines used during the rendering of services and anaesthesia administered by GPs and specialists. There are also adequate dentistry and optometry benefits along with the health and benefit preventative care booster.


Preventative care cover includes:

  • Flu vaccinations
  • Tetanus vaccinations
  • HPV vaccine
  • Health tests such as pap smears, blood sugar tests, cholesterol tests, mammograms, prostate tests and HIV tests.


Additional benefits on the Dimension Elite plan include:

  • Pregnancy consultations
  • Paediatric consultations
  • Back treatment program as a prerequisite for spinal column surgery at an appointed facility


Consultations fees for benefits need to be paid from the day-to-day benefits.

Medical aid South Africa can be a daunting choice but as long as you know and understand your needs and budgets you can easily find a plan that will be right for you.