Makoti Medical Scheme Options Offer High Quality Affordable Care

Makoti medical scheme options give members of the scheme high quality medical care that they can afford. And the medical scheme also aims to prevent illness by helping members remain healthy.

Importantly, there are very few options, but what this medical scheme guarantees is that you will be able to afford their plans, and these plans will suit your healthcare needs.

How the Makoti Medical Scheme Options Work

Whichever one of the Makoti medical scheme options you choose, when you join the Makoti Medical Scheme, you will then choose which general practitioner (GP) will care for you when you get sick. Also, all members must stick with the same GP unless there is an emergency and it’s impossible to do so.

And this is primarily so that you can develop a relationship with your GP, so he or she can get to know you and your family, and your needs. This follows through to medication and treatments that might conflict if different doctors were attending to you.

Makoti Medical SchemeTherefore, there is also a system in place for members to organise the dental providers they will use.

Makoti Medical Scheme Options and Managed Healthcare

Significantly, the idea of using “managed healthcare” is to ensure that healthcare remains affordable, and that you and your family benefit fully from the Makoti Medical Scheme.

Primary issues include:

  • Doctors’ visits
  • Appointments for medical care
  • The MakotiChronic Care Programme
  • Medicines and laboratory tests

Irrespective of the Makoti medical scheme options you choose, these four issues need attention. For instance, it is essential to make appointments to see doctors, and identification is vital when you get there.

Then when it comes to chronic care, members are encouraged to join the Makoti programme via their accredited GP. And chronic care benefits cover all the official chronic conditions on the Chronic Care List.

Makoti Medical Scheme OptionsMost of the medicines prescribed via Makoti medical scheme options are generic and of a high quality. In addition, like any other form of medicine, the right dosage must apply.

Currently, there are only two Makoti medical scheme options available to members.

Two Makoti Medical Scheme Options to Choose From

The two Makoti medical scheme options are:

1.    The Primary Option; and
2.    The Comprehensive Option

There are a number of items that are excluded from both options.

The Primary Option

This Makoti option pays for GP services, acute and chronic medicine, basic radiology and pathology, and basic optometry and primary dentistry care. There is cover for ambulance services for medical emergencies.

The Comprehensive Option

As the name suggests, this is a much more comprehensive medical aid option. Unlimited primary healthcare is allowed from the GP you have chosen, as well as hospitalisation, specialist services, pathology and radiology services (if pre-authorised), and both acute and chronic medication.

In addition, the legal Prescribed Minimum Benefits  are covered, as well as ambulance service for medical emergencies. There are also benefits available for optometry, dentistry and various other services.

The Exclusions to Makoti Medical Scheme Options

These range from obesity and suicide attempts, to frail care. And other nebulous items without cover include gold inlays and the cost of surgical stockings.



All info was correct at time of publishing