Affinity Health Insurance Earmarked for Your Health Problems

Asprin is an affordable and effective way to relieve many of our aches and pains. A heart attack on the other hand, cannot be treated so easily and affordably. Treatment for a heart attack or stroke will usher in a host of medical bills that you may not be able to pay. Having  health insurance will protect you from having to pay the full medical costs.

With private health insurance you will get prompt medical attention with private doctors and hospitals as apposed to waiting in queues at a public hospital. Affinity Health Insurance isn’t a medical aid scheme but rather an insurance product provider, and with them you’ll get prompt attention for a dread disease.

What is health insurance?

While medical aid schemes are governed by the Council for Medical Schemes, health insurance is governed by the Long- and Short Term Insurance Act. Each scheme pays out differently too. For this reason it is important to compare schemes to know what they can offer you.

Affinity Health Insurance Earmarked for Your Health ProblemsWith Affinity Health Insurance daily cash benefits are  payable to the member and not to the medical services provider.  Members of a medical aid get cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits but this isn’t available with medical insurance. Medical insurance South Africa is run as a long-term insurance policy. Affinity Health Insurance is a  long term insurance policy who will pay out to you while a medical aid will pay your service provider on your behalf.

Once you have selected your Affinity Health Insurance Plan, you agree to pay a certain premium and your health insurer pays a portion of your covered medical costs. The payments they make are determined by the discounts they are able to negotiate with hospitals and doctors.

Affinity Health Care understands that people have different health issues. To this end Affinity Health Insurance has created different healthcare policies so that members can choose the one that suits their lifestyle.

If your lifestyle entails travelling abroad, you will know that there are risks associated with international travel. Exposing yourself to sub-standard medical care in a foreign country can be horrific. International health insurance is critical to arrange before you jet off to avoid dealing with massive medical bills in a foreign country.

What Affinity Health Insurance offers

They offer two products:Day-to-day Primary Health Care and Hospital Benefits. Their Day-to-Day medical services are made affordable because of a pre-paid subscription to medical services networks. Their hospitalisation cover is through a Hospital Plan underwritten by Sanlam Developing Markets. For a truly minimum amount each month, with a hospital plan you get –

– permanent disability as well as lump sum payments for accidental death
– daily cash benefit cover for hospitalisation for illness, maternity or accident
– emergency medical services

Hospitalisation cover with Affinity includes unlimited doctor’s visits, access to a network of medical professionals nationwide as well as daily hospitalisation cash benefits. As a leading provider of affordable health insurance products to South Africans, Affinity Health also offers a straightforward claims process.

Affinity Health Insurance simply allows their members to get cover adapted to their needs.  Students for instance who wish to study in South Africa must comply with visa regulations and have proof of medical cover. This international medical insurance is available with a reputable medical insurance scheme such as Affinity Health Insurance.

Your Membership Extends Indefinitely

People worry about membership issues with the different medical aids in South Africa after the age of 55. Even though your policy makes provision for membership to expire at age 65, Affinity Health Insurance extends membership indefinitely.

Affordable Medical insurance South Africa

Medical insurance is becoming increasingly expensive for South Africans. Affinity Health Insurance brings hope because their private medical services are still affordable at yesteryear rates. Their health insurance solutions are below the regular contribution tables so that every South African can benefit from their quality private health services.