Nedgroup Medical Aid

Nedgroup medical aid helps to create peace of mind in a world where any can go wrong and happen to you at any moment. With affordable prices, you know that you are covered if you should need medical assistance.

What is Medical Aid?

Nedgroup medical aid is one of the largest medical aids in the working sector.A medical aid is a fund to which a large number of people pay money for medical cover. This fund then pays for medical expenses when needed. In South Africa, we have two systems, where healthcare consists of public and private providers. Discovery medical aid and Momentum Health are some of the biggest private healthcare providers in South Africa.

The reason why everyone should be part of a medical aid is very simple; anything can happen at any given time of place where you or your family might require medical care. If one should have to pay for hospitalization from one’s own pocket, it will be very expensive. If you choose one the cheapest medical aids, you can have more peace of mind that your family is taken care of in the event of an emergency.

Nedgroup Medical AidAll medical aids, which include well-known names like Bestmed, LA health medical scheme, Discovery Health and Hosmed medical aid scheme as well as smaller medical aids , are regulated by The Council for Medical Aid Schemes, who oversees medical schemes’ private financing. This regulating body makes sure that all medical aids, the Nedgroup medical aid included, follow stipulations enforced by the Medical Schemes Act.

What are Restricted Medical Schemes?

A restricted medical scheme is closed to the public and only allow certain individuals to become members. Malcor medical aid scheme and Nedgroup medical aid are restricted medical schemes. In the case of Nedgroup medical aid, only permanent employees of Nedbank Group and Mutual & Federal are allowed to become members.

What the Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme Offers

Medscheme Holdings (PTY) LTD administrates the Nedgroup medical aid but the Traditional Plus Plan is administrated by ONECARE.As aNedgroup medical aidmember, you and yourdependent/s automatically qualifies to become members. Nedgroup medical scheme offers the following options:

The Platinum Plan
•    This Plan by Nedgroup medical aidprovides maximum cover for young families who do not have chronic problems.
The Traditional Plus Plan
•    In this cover by Nedgroup medical aid, you will be able to manage chronic conditions.
Traditional Plan
•    This plan is an all-inclusive optiontoward members when it comes to medical benefits.
Savings Plan
•    With this Plan, you can manage your benefits and have peace of mind that you can pay for everyday services from an annual saving allocation. Each month, 21.3% of your premium is allocated towards a Personal Medical Savings account that is available when needed. If a balance remains at the end of the year, it is carried over to the following year.
Hospital Plan
•    You might be very active and healthy, but need to think about medical emergencies. The Hospital Plan by Nedgroup medical aid prepares a member for anything that might happen that requires hospital procedures or in the case of diseases.