One Plan Medical Scheme

One Plan has come up with an innovative way to ensure your medical aid pays for your hospitalisation and relevant medical visits. The scheme has taken the headache of waiting and wondering for your medical aid to pay up in a step that has surely put them ahead of their competition.

The process? One Plan Medical Scheme has implemented a debit card system so you can swipe your debit card at consultations and your medical account will be settled.

One Plan Hospital PlansThis medical aid alternative is set to be a handy feature for South Africans who fall in the lower income brackets and need cheap medical cover without having to be out of pocket.

More About One Plan

Underwritten by ABSA insurance management services, One Plan offers a health insurance options, so they’re not a traditional medical aid. The money you claim is transferred to your debit card and you use that card to pay for the medical costs by swiping it at a sales point.

This means you need to claim for your consultation before your visit and once the claim is approved the funds are put into the card. The claims process is straight forward and can even be done via cell phone. Simply send proof of payment through to the scheme to vouch for the claim.

The scheme makes use of modern banking technology to offer affordable rates and make the claims and payment processes really easy. So that means they can reduce the cost of administration, cut down on paper work and the amount of time you would usually spend paying your medical bills.

The Plans

One Plan medical scheme has 8 plans to choose from. Many of the plans have co-payments as well as waiting periods so understand these before claiming.

–    One Plan Core covers day-to-day basics but there is not specialist or hospital cover. Premiums start around R420 per month.
–    One Plan Blue does cover hospitalisation and there is an overall annual hospitalisation limit of R80 000. The daily benefits are included on this plan but there is no specialist cover. Premiums cost R676 a month.
–    One Plan Professional covers daily medical expenses as well as hospital cover up to an annual limit of R80 000 per family. The plan excludes specialist fees and premiums start from R861 monthly.
–    One Plan Executive has both specialist and daily cover and an annual limit of R100 000 per family for hospitalisation. Premiums from R966 monthly.
–    One Plan Elite covers all of the above of the Executive plan and the hospital limit is R200 000 per family per year. Premiums are R1149/month.
One Plan Medical Scheme Hospital Plans
–    Executive Hospital provides cover of up to R400 000 per family per incident. There aren’t waiting periods on this plan but co-payments of R500 per event are required. The plan doesn’t offer daily benefits and premiums begin at R432/month.
–    Elite Hospital has an overall limit of R200 000 per family per year and there aren’t day to day benefits. Premiums start at R1149/month.

Health Care Cover

One Health Plan offers daily medical cover but not cover for specialists or hospital. Premiums from R473 monthly.