OnePlan Medical Aid

OnePlan Medical aid started just recently in 2010 as a product of Onecard Management Services. The company has seen its customers grow at an astonishing rate. It currently boasts over 32,000 customers.This is because this insurance company has targeted people who wanted the healthcare services but could not afford the other medical schemes.

OnePlan encompasses hospital plans that range from R 235 to R750 making it affordable for all.

A major pull that this plan has is that it ensures that the whole family gets cover with benefits similar to Oneplanthose enjoyed by the primary member.

Different OnePlan Products on Offer

The Oneplan Medical Aid as mentioned has diverse products that it offers its members. The products all have a different cost. The products are: Core – R235, Health – R245, Blue – R398, Professional – R495, Executive – R610, Elite – R750, Golden Years – R560, Executive Hospital – R320, Elite Hospital – R427, and the Group Cover.

The Core

R235 is the most economical package available. Consequently the plan is applicable for people younger than 65 years only. In this plan, the threshold limit for the cover of a single adult is R 5,250, for a family of 2 or 3 the limit is R 8,820 and for a family with 4 members or more the maximum limit is R 11,700. Specialist visits are not covered in this plan.

The Health

R245 caters for the everyday medical needs of an individual. The cover includes over the shelf medication, dental care, doctor checkups and out of the hospital services. The threshold cover limit for an individual in this plan is R 8,210. For 2 to 3 people the threshold is R 12,760 and for a family of four or more the limit is R 15,800.

This cover includes immediate emergency response services. Blue -R398: This is a plan that offers a balance in providing cover for some of the day to day expenses plus some hospitalization expenses.

Another plan is the Executive – R610: In this particular plan, the benefits are increased greatly to afford the members who subscribe to it more benefits in terms of doctor visits.


R750: This plan as the name suggests provides its members with the best services in medical cover balanced with reasonable costs.

The maximum cover limit for an individual subscribed under this plan is R 22560 while that for a family of four and above is R34600. This plan is closely related to the Professional – R495: This plan provides the members with assorted benefits at affordable costs including in-hospital expenses.

The Golden years

R560: Unlike most of the other plans, this plan caters for the medical needs of those in advanced years, the “Golden years” above 65 years of age. Some expenses that are not covered in this plan include specialist visits and other obvious covers such as maternity, natural birth and emergency caesarean operations.

OnePlan Medical Aid is the Executive hospital plan – R320 which offers members comprehensive cover, and the Elite Hospital – R427 which provides quality emergency services.

Oneplan Medical Aid also has a unique plan called the Group cover, which is especially suitable for working environments where one may want to provide medical aid for the workers.

Those seeking medical aid in South Africa can choose from a range of schemes. Apart from the packages offered by OnePlan, they can check out the offerings from Gems Medical Aid, Discovery Medical Aid and Bonitas Medical Aid.

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