What is a Medical Aid?

Medical aids provide insurance for private medical care cover and costs in the event that a person falls ill, is involved in an accident or requires emergency treatment in a hospital.

With so many options on the market it a good idea to decide on your needs and then do some research into medical aid schemes and find out the answer to”what is the medical aid that we need?”


What is a Medical Aid

It is important to choose a scheme that will match your lifestyle not only for instances such as emergency or illness but also because a number of companies offer great rewards programs. For example, Discovery medical aid offer the Vitality program, a science-based approach to wellness that awards users for activities such as joining a gym, quitting smoking or having regular check-ups.

Medical aid options?

There are numerous types of medical aid options available to suit budget and needs. Comprehensive cover is ideal for an individual or family who require day-to-day cover for dental visits; doctors’ consultations or even if chronic medication is required on a continual basis. Hospitalisation and any treatment or medication required during a stay will also be covered. Alternatively a simple hospital plan covers instances of hospitalisation only. This option is ideal for younger, healthier individuals who don’t typically require day-to-day cover or prescribed medicine.

What is a medical aid?

A number of schemes offer hospital cash insurance which is slightly different in that the plan provides members with daily cash amounts dependent on monthly contributions. This is for in the event that the member has to be hospitalised owing to an illness or accident for a long duration in which the member is unable to work. When researching the question “what is a medical aid” do take the gap cover into account. This is a type of option where members contribute a monthly fee that goes towards paying the outstanding amount between what is charged to the member and what the scheme pays in the event of hospitalisation. Also take any waiting periods into consideration, whereby a scheme may place restrictions on certain medications, for example.

Bonitas Medical Aid

Bonitas medical aid agrees that the health and wellbeing of an individual and their family is of the utmost importance. They and most other schemes offer different plans depending on a person’s medical needs. Often schemes offer their members access to overseas treatments should the required treatment not be available in South Africa. 

Medical Savings Accounts play an important role in people’s plan choices. The accounts empower a member to control how much they spend on day-to-day healthcare. Typically a set amount it allocated annually depending on the medical plan chosen. Once depleted, a member has to wait until the following year for funds to be replenished and the member will be accountable for any further expenses. However, if the fund is not used up the balance is carried over to the next year.

When researching the topic “what is a medical aid” be sure to take into consideration cover for things like pregnancy, chronic medication and on-going healthcare requirements to decide which plan will fit your lifestyle. Many plans will include annual flu vaccinations, health assessments and dental check-ups. The main thing is to choose an option that will suite your lifestyle in the long term.